Samstag, 21. September 2013

first post ohoh exciting

first post, first step to getting famous yayy.
okay so first of all i start to explain what this shit is, so basically its a dairy (ironic because of the title, get it?) omg yess i am so funny lol, okay no now serious. i never really wrote a diary but a few months ago i started to write a diary because i thought later it would be fun to read all my thoughts and laugh about myself because i was such a stupid little faggot. so i packed my experiences in little texts and i really enjoyed making that even tho my life isn't that special but so what. i wrote like a crazy woman (okay thats not true but it sounds great) but like in every good story something bad happened.
my little fucking brother came on this super awsome idea to read my dairy yaayy fuck my life.It felt like i am in one of those teenage movie. omg i was so angry. i mean i never liked my brother because he gets on my nerves sometimes BUT this really was the top. he is fucking 12 years old c'mon you don't do this and i thought he would be mature enough but oh well i was wrong. silly me. now here i am on the world wide web where i hope nobody of my friends or family will ever find me. jaap this is now my diary, i will say what i want, i will post what i want, i will be what i want ( ITS MY MOUTH I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT TO) and i don't care if my grammar is wrong ( and yes it will be wrong) whatever so welcome to my life and don't expect too much


ps. don't take everything too serious *big hug*

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