Samstag, 21. September 2013

from monkeys to dragons

One thing you should really now about me:
I really like music (who doesn't like music haha?) mostly i am into indie, pop and rock stuff. so if you like this music styles here are my top recommendation, maybe you already know them because they are popular in this scene. i don't have a favorite band or artist. i can't decided. they are so many good artist out there. i am also one of this persons who listen to a song up and down, but after i while the song or band annoys me and im going to search for new music. because of that i don't have a favorite song. so enough of my blablabla here we go:

  • The xx
needed to put the xx on this list because omg they are perf. i adore them and since i saw them live i love they even more. i was at the zurich openair ( this is a festival in my country) and they performed there and the best thing was,that we were in the FRONT ROW AND ROMY SMILED AT ME. it rained and we waited for 1 hour but it was more then worth it. i will never forget this moment. but i will tell you about this soon. so yeah for you who don't know who the xx are, the xx is a indie rock band from London, there are 3 members (romy, the only women, jamie and oliver) and the music is more "dark" but if you listen to their songs a few times you will get obsessed like i did. so check them out! (you may have seen their popular logo, a colorful X)
  • Arcti Monkeys
love listening to the arctic monkeys in the last time, also because they just realized a new album called AM. they were at the Zurich openair as well and they were awesome too. if you like it more wild and if you like real indie you should know them already because they are old bunny's in this business.

  • Miles Kane
 What a surprise also this artist was at the Zurich openair but this time i didn't know him before. but now i totally felt in love with his voice, his sick music and his amazing 80s style.he rocked the show with tight pants and beatles hair. Definitely worth checking out!

fun fact : he and alex turner (singer from the arctic monkey) have had also a besides project together called ,,the last shadow puppets,,. i haven't even know that, i was searching for a picture of him and then i found this information. omg i really need to check this band out!

  • Portungal.The Man
"purple yellow red & blue" is so sick, i listend to this the hole summer long it was my personal summer hit even tho it isnt that summerish ! Geat band, great boys great music what do i need to say more they are wicked.

  • Two Door Cinema Club
newcommer of the year! thy really gained succes this year. i listened to them 1 year ago and nobody knew them and now they are relly famous but still awsome. i am so poud of them how far they came and i hope they will do as good music in the future as they do now. (this babyys were on the zurich openai too)

  • The Jungle Giants
my best friend showed me this giants and i suddendly fell in love. they are a mix between two door cinema club and the kooks, and i really like both of them. it is very happy indie and they arent as famous as the others but i think they will get popular soon!

  • Vampire Weekend
this NY band plays the giutar like a pro and i loooooveee the voice of Ezra. ,Unbelievers, and ,,Diane Young,, are my favorite songs but nooo wait i love all songs from VW. their music is perfect for a chill night with friends on the weekends or for a nice road trip.

  • San Cisco
pretty perfect name i think. i mean it sounds so great and it really sticks in your head. not just the name is adroble also their music is amazing. you should check out the song called ,,fred astaire,,. pretty good song in my opinin. this song was stucked in my head for days i swear! i also showed this band to my friends and they also love them. they dont play this hardcore indie like the arctic monkeys. they are more soft but classy.

  • Best Coast
are the best thing ever. this two guys really reminds me of the beatles. and if you like the beatles you will like them aswell! "the only Place" was for me this summer my travelle song, also because of the video haha sick stufff sick stuff

  • Bombay Bicycle Club
this londoner boys are real british rockers haha. they playd at the V- festival in london but even tho thei arent that famous in other countrys then the UK. So it is time to bring them out! they really deserve it sooo lets go on yur bicycle people of the internet!

  • The Neighbourhood
omg what can i say? PERFECTION! love the new album and ,,afraid,, is so fucking sick! ,,sweater weather,, is getting famous now i think because i heard it once in my lokal radio and i was very suprised but of cours sweather weather is an amazing song but it annoyes my now cuse i have listened to it to much last winter so yeah. but the new songs are awsome too! i would kill for seeing them once live.

  •  Urban Cone
my loviees. saw them live in a little club here in switzerland they are really good live! a long time i consider this as my favorite band because their song ,,urban photograph,, was the first indie song i listened to. it was basiclly the start of my indie-music-story. but in the last time i didnt listen to them as much also because they are working on a new album and havent bringed out any nwe stuff besides ,,New York,,. i cant wait for their new album.

  •  Franz Ferinand
were super live and i can highly recommend their music! not much to say they are just great!

  • Bastille
Newcommer but as great as the others. Dans voice is so strong and really wicked. They made an amazing show and i touched him (ohhhhhh he is so hot and his hair omg) ,,Flaws,, is my favoite song and the lyrics are so deep! i really like lyrics who are deep and no just some shit like umbrella elaa ela yeeee.

  • Imagine Dragons
*breathing in noise from radio active* if you like bastille you like imagine dragons too.they are great and you probally now them because their songs were played up and down on the radio soo yeah good music guurrrl

  • Pheonix
what would a indie playlist be whitout pheonix? nothing yeah absolutly nothing. they ae a bit older not as ew as bastille and imagine dragons but i like listening to them from time to time again (once i was obsessed with them and then they annoyed me like basiccly every band from time to time)! if you dont kow them, it is time to get to know them!!!

  • Alt-J
my winter crush from last year! wanna go to their concert so bad!! they are more like the xx, i mean more darker then Two door cinema club or the others. They also have some cool electro parts in their songs!

  • Mumford & Sons
last but definitely not least is this band. my love. my life. my soul. no words left to say for this band. cant describe how i felt at their concert, just AMAZING

here is one of my favorite songs of the moment: Miles Kand- Give Up

noo at the end i want to say that all indie bands i have seen so far are amazing live, i couldnt choose which one i liked most. they are all perfect! of cours this arent all the artists i like but it is a begining hoho
end of this band-list k bye


first post ohoh exciting

first post, first step to getting famous yayy.
okay so first of all i start to explain what this shit is, so basically its a dairy (ironic because of the title, get it?) omg yess i am so funny lol, okay no now serious. i never really wrote a diary but a few months ago i started to write a diary because i thought later it would be fun to read all my thoughts and laugh about myself because i was such a stupid little faggot. so i packed my experiences in little texts and i really enjoyed making that even tho my life isn't that special but so what. i wrote like a crazy woman (okay thats not true but it sounds great) but like in every good story something bad happened.
my little fucking brother came on this super awsome idea to read my dairy yaayy fuck my life.It felt like i am in one of those teenage movie. omg i was so angry. i mean i never liked my brother because he gets on my nerves sometimes BUT this really was the top. he is fucking 12 years old c'mon you don't do this and i thought he would be mature enough but oh well i was wrong. silly me. now here i am on the world wide web where i hope nobody of my friends or family will ever find me. jaap this is now my diary, i will say what i want, i will post what i want, i will be what i want ( ITS MY MOUTH I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT TO) and i don't care if my grammar is wrong ( and yes it will be wrong) whatever so welcome to my life and don't expect too much


ps. don't take everything too serious *big hug*